As a young brand of the world, it our duty to leave as small an impact on the environment as possible. We strive to do everything we can to keep our resources and pollution as low as possible. We work with green suppliers in our supply chain and get our clothes produced within the european union to minimize transport and to ensure our workers are paid accordingly.

Our fabrics are sourced based on pure qualities, deadstock and long lasting vitality. We only buy limited amounts to avoid huge fabrics stocks, and all leftovers will be shredded into stuffing for teddybears (launching 2020). With this production circle we use every part of the fabrics, so our customers can continue buying social responsible collections.

All collections from Nikolaj Storm is designed colorful and bold, as we believe in a joyful experience from clothing. All collections are to be seen as one continuing collection, that can be mixed in eternity and not as seasonal collections that stand alone. We encourage our customers to buy responsible and to wear out your clothes and mix old and new styles. Therefore we also offer in house repairs and transformation of worn styles, to prolong the life of each style even further. Please contact the Nikolaj Storm team for more information about the procedure.

Sustainability is a constant theme for our mission of bringing colorful and daring clothes to the people without the risk of the environment and social structures. We always want to do better, and we are always on the look out for more sustainable fabrics, packaging and work ethics so our customers can feel, not only sensual and seductive, but also responsible and caring.

Nikolaj Storm - Please enjoy!